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Tutorial: Creating the 360 degree Twist Extractor

Tutorial: Creating the 360 degree Twist Extractor

It’s roughly a year between each post on this blog, a bit less frequent than what I had in mind when I started this blog, eh 😛

Anyway, here’s a quick tutorial on how you can create a TwistExtractor that goes past the standard 180 degree’ flip. There’s different techniques on how to do this, the one I show is probably the simplest one.

I forgot to mention in the video as it’s pretty logical, but if you’re using translate-based stretch in your rig, you must have offset-groups on the twistextractors, which you connect the translate of your driver-joints to.

Shout out if there’s questions or anything 🙂

The tutorial:



I just got a great tip from Harry Houghton on Vimeo. In addition to the rpIkHandle and the ikSplineHandle, you can also use an aimConstraint (with World Up Type set to None) to remove the primary axis from a joint. Just did a quick benchmark, and it seems to evaluate roughly 15% faster than the rpIkHandle. So if you’re a pedant like me, you should probably go for that one instead 😉

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