About me

Hey! I’m Jørn, I am Currently employed as an animator and technical artist at Gimpville in Norway.

Previously, I was a teacher at Idefagskolen (2011 – 2013), I was primarily teaching in the subjects of animation, scripting and rigging. This is the same school that I was a student at myself from 2009 to 2011. It was a fun and educational experience going from being a student to teaching. You really learn things thoroughly when you’re on the other end of the stick, and you get a lot of motivation and inspiration from the drive of the students.

Even though being a teacher was a great experience, it’s quite refreshing to work at an actual production company. You get to do exactly what you’re good at, then the rest of the people in the team do what they’re best at, and in the end you get to see a polished result of something you were a part of. Working in collaboration with a team of artists that all love what they do, I love it!

As you’d probably guess, I love rigging and animation, hence the name of the site. It makes reasonably sense, right? Plus I thought “riganimator” sounded kinda cool 😉

About this site

I have been meaning to put up a website of my own for quite some time now, I finally got to it! 🙂 The purpose of this site is to exchange (and gather) good resources and information primarily related to rigging and animation, both for my own educational reasons and (hopefully) to others. I’ll also use this site as a portfolio by putting up stuff I’m working on.

So this site basically offers a mix of references to people I follow, and my own mutterings and thoughts around the topics.

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  1. Sree says:

    Hi ,Jorn , is the mecha cat rig available for animating in personal demo reels ?

  2. Rizwan says:

    i’m Rizwan & i’m an 3D Artist.I checked your Rigging really that’s Owesum Job i really glad to see that & i have 1 question if i’m intresting to buy some rigging Scripts can i buy?

  3. Sree says:

    H i,
    Jorn ,Could animators use this Mecha pussy for their personal reel (NOT commercial use )? If so , where can we download it ?

  4. Kat says:

    Excellent reel and site, I visit pretty regularly for insight : )
    Are there videos and books you’d recommend for understanding the concepts behind rigging?

  5. matt says:

    Hi Jorn,

    Thanks for the great script and tutorial about ribbons. I’m struggling with an IK arm that has 2 ribbons. I can’t seem to keep the ends touching. Is this why you build the twist isolator? I thought I was OK at rigging before I started to put this together.


    • Jorn says:

      Hey Matthew, the twist extractor doesn’t really deal with anything other than rotations. It’s a bit hard to tell what’s wrong without having the rig in front of me, but my guess is that you’re missing a point constraint from the joints to the start/end-controllers of the ribbons 🙂

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