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Rig: Book Rig

Tutorial: Creating the 360 degree Twist Extractor

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Tutorial: Create a Sine with Nodes in Maya

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Script: Cartoony Wheel Rig v2

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Script: Cartoony Wheel Rig v1


  1. […] for rolling of the wheel and a main-controller for translation/rotation/scaling.Dowmload: Click here to download Cartoony Wheel Rig v1 for Maya.Cartoony Wheel Rig v1 for Maya //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment […]

  2. […] and stretching, and although Jørn-Harald calls this a work in progress, you are still able to download and use the script. …When rigging vehicles you’ll usually have to deal with at least two wheels, and […]

  3. hey, sweet wheel script, i dont need it right now, but i would like to be up2date with your site and am missing an rss link…. maybe u can add that to your site since its so easy with wordpress… thanks, phil

  4. Jonathan Strong says:

    That’s a nice rig and a great script. I’m curious though: how did you handle the placement of the controls? You’ve done an excellent job of getting the controls to align themselves to the surfaces and scale of the wheels.

    • Jorn says:

      Thank you 🙂 I queried the bounding box of the original wheel-geo, then I extracted each point of the bounding box onto a lattice that was applied at each controller. Lastly I just centered the pivots of the controllers 🙂

  5. Satnam Singh says:

    Realy thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with us,I also want to know how I can give streach to IK spline handle. If you have any ideas then please share it and help me…..

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