Here’s a collection of general rig-tips that I’ve snatched from twitter. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the names behind most of the quotes.

“Always ask yourself what is this character thinking and why is he thinking that way“
“Deformation isn’t the only thing that should dictate mesh edgeflow. Deformer weighting workflow should also be considered“
“If you use yellow for a circular control curve, it can be mistaken for the highlighted axis on the rotate gizmo“
“Multiple objects can share a single keyframe data. Just connect the curves.output into the objects.attribute“ Chris Lesage
“No 7 min demo reels, no tutorial content in your reel, throw your school reel away, set yourself apart from the rest“
“Review the fundamentals of your craft once in a while, it will refresh your mind and maybe you’ll see something you missed before.“ David Vega
“Using custom attributes on Maya sets can be a very powerful to apply custom data with out having to bake it to all scene objects“ RiggingDojo

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