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Tutorial: Create a 360 degree Twist Extractor

Tutorial: Create a 360 degree Twist Extractor

Important note:
This setup isn’t really as stable as I first thought it to be, so you should probably stick with the 180 degree setup if you want to be sure not to get any problems. Cedric Bazillou first pointet out that you really can’t go beyond 180 degrees (trigonometry limit of angle between vectors) using only math, and the “hack” in my tutorial relies on maya’s cache/history in the orientConstraint-node in an attempt to resolve the angle past 180 degrees. The setup looks okay when scrubbing through the timeslider, but it won’t be able to resolve angles past 180 degrees if you jump between frames. The reason I haven’t removed this post is simply that the setup also shows how to setup a normal twist extractor, though the 360 part should be ignored. In the comment section of the video link you can read a comment made by Oyvind on how to actually trigger the problem with this setup.


The tutorial:
I forgot to mention in the video, but if you’re using translate-based stretch in your rig, you must have offset-groups on the twistextractors, which you connect the translate of your driverjoints to.

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