My Work

Book Rig:


Rigging Reel:


Mechanical Cat:

I rigged this as a entry to a mechanical rigging challenge over at cgcosiety. The model is by a guy named Nico Strobbe, and can be downloaded here!



This was I intended to be a robot with functional mechanics, but as modeling isn’t my strong suit I chickened out and used ball-joints everywhere 😛


WIP Ballplayer:

This is a work in progress, I haven’t worked on this in a while, but the plan is to create a fully rigged semi-cartoony character and create little short with it.


For The King:

This was our (me, Tarje, Amund, Håvard) final assignment for the last year at Idefagskolen. I did all of the rigging and scripting, and most of the animation.

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