Rig: Procedural Sine

Rig: Procedural Sine

When animating sea-creatures I found that a sine deformation was invaluable to get the dynamic flow that most of those creatures naturally had. Normally I’ve done this by using expressions, but I hate dealing with expressions when animating as you have to play the animation to evaluate and see the actual result of the expression.

So I’ve been experimenting a little on my own to see if it’s possible to achieve this with the standard nodes within Maya, and as Maya actually do have a sine deformer, I’ve been looking at ways to extract that behaviour so that it can be applied to joints.

Here’s the result:

It’s amazing what you can do with rivets, that’s what I used to extract the sine behaviour 🙂

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  1. siva says:

    how can i download the script

  2. sasi says:

    This is good,Can i try this scripts?

  3. Chris says:

    Do u distribute this script?

  4. Chris Lesage says:

    Very cool. I used something similar for a squid-like creature. Instead of rivets, I just plot follicles along a nurbs plane. But then I keep the nurbs plane in world space, and push the deformations via a blendshape to a secondary nurbs plane on the rig.

    This let me adjust the radial symmetry for the tentacles by rotating the sine deformers in a single world-space axis, no matter what kind of complex pose the creature was in. (ie. So that the arms could radiate outwards, or wave all together in the same direction, or be slightly randomized, etc.)

    • Jorn says:

      Thanks for the insight Chris! 🙂 Yeah the deformers are easily adjustable when having it in worldspace, what’s really cool is that with some tweaks this could be applied with all deformers, even a squash – and keeping the options for the deformers is a big bonus! 🙂

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