Script: Cartoony Wheel Rig v1

Script: Cartoony Wheel Rig v1

When rigging vehicles you’ll usually have to deal with at least two wheels, and (especially if you’re going cartoony) you’re going to waste a lot of time if you’re rigging them manually, one by one. So I decided to write a script for this, the script is supposed to do all of the work automatically, and it should work with wheels regardless of size and position.

The requirements I set for the rig was that it had to be clean, fast and flexible. It should also be animationfriendly, so the controllers have to be logical and easy to select. With this current version of the rig I’m not too happy about the flexibility in particular, it works, but it can’t be pushed as far as I want it to. I’m going back to the drawing board.

Here’s the script in action:

The current version is basicly just a lattice with some clusters, and a nurbs-circle with all of the extra-controllers connected to the circle through MotionPath-nodes. As for the main controllers, I have a contact-controller for floor contact, two controllers for the rolling of the wheel, and one main-controller for translation/rotation/scaling.

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  1. alex says:

    Hi, first of all very cool script, I know it’s kind of old but maybe you still read the comments.
    I’m not very good at rigging and i tried to reverse engineer the rig, my question is how you could apply a falloff with clusters on the lattice object?

  2. Satnam Singh says:

    Realy thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with us,I also want to know how I can give streach to IK spline handle. If you have any ideas then please share it and help me…..

  3. Jonathan Strong says:

    That’s a nice rig and a great script. I’m curious though: how did you handle the placement of the controls? You’ve done an excellent job of getting the controls to align themselves to the surfaces and scale of the wheels.

    • Jorn says:

      Thank you 🙂 I queried the bounding box of the original wheel-geo, then I extracted each point of the bounding box onto a lattice that was applied at each controller. Lastly I just centered the pivots of the controllers 🙂

  4. philip ballinger says:

    hey, sweet wheel script, i dont need it right now, but i would like to be up2date with your site and am missing an rss link…. maybe u can add that to your site since its so easy with wordpress… thanks, phil

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