Script: Delete Flat Keys

Script: Delete Flat Keys

When you’re working with animation you eventually end up with a lot of extra keys, by that I mean flat keys, keys we don’t need.

See the image below, I’ve marked the flat keys with red dots:


With the script you just select all of the objects that you want to clean the keyframes on, then you define the angle threshold, and the script will go through and delete all of the keys with a lower angle threshold than specified.

When ran on the example above, we end up with this:

Download Script


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  1. Kim Yu Gwan says:


  2. Marthinus says:

    That hit the spot. I always wanted a script for this to help with my obsessive compulsive disorder when animating 😉 Thanks man.

  3. This is excellent! Spent some time looking for this. Thanks a lot!

  4. pmac says:

    Thanks for that.

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