Script: Find Duplicate Names

Script: Find Duplicate Names

When dealing with rigs you often end up having a ton of nodes, and it’s easy to end up having several objects with the same name. You may think that Maya automatically renames those objects for you, and it does, but only if the objects are in the same hierarchy. However, if you have the objects in separate hierarchies they can share the same name.

This isn’t really a problem in itself as Maya will just use longnames to distinguish them apart, but you may run into problems if you’re using scripts that doesn’t take longnames into consideration.


In the image above we have two objects named “pCube”. So what Maya does to distinguish them apart is to look at their parent, if the parent’s name is unique it will use that in the longname when dealing the objects. So if I were to select the pCube in root2, Maya would read it as “grp2|pcube”, and if both of the mid-groups was named “grp2” then maya would read the pCube as “root2|grp2|pCube”.


I’ve made a script that finds (and renames) all of the objects in the scene sharing the same shortname, the download link is at the bottom 🙂


Download Script


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  1. J.J. says:

    I’m not sure when Autodesk added it, but I think it might be useful to use the -ignoreShapes flag for the rename command. I found an obscure case where the short name of the shape node was named exactly its transform. Without the flag, the Shape gets renamed and then named back.

  2. Igor Rogov says:

    Thank you! It works!

  3. Johnny says:

    Awesome – thanks!! Would also be nice to choose your own prefix or suffix. But really cool script as is 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Amr Gad says:

    I think it’s a useful script >>> but it couldn’t solve my problem couldn’t detect duplicated names in shape nodes… if there is a way please advise!


  5. Rich says:

    Thanks, useful script!

  6. Gandosh says:

    Thank you very much!

  7. Isis says:

    Very useful, thank you 😀

  8. Ken says:

    thanx,useful script.

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